Care and Consideration

“It took me only minutes to notice the care and consideration Tess has for each of her clients. If you are lucky enough to enjoy a treatment by Tess you will also notice she puts thought into how best to ensure you leave her table satisfied. Her thoughtfulness goes a step beyond by taking time to understand what you might need to supplement a visit with her. For instance, I was suffering from a skin condition upon my first visit. She took the time to understand what the causes might be and worked to develop a tincture for at home remedy. It was a result of my positive results that I felt comfortable suggesting Tess to my sister when she came down with an infection as well. Tess introduced both of us to new skin oils for the body that now both of us swear by! It is my pleasure to always pass along Tess’ name for anyone looking to indulge in some R&R or conquer a relaxation and skin issue at home.”

— N.T., Denver